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  Travel   Medicine Centre

Your Travel Clinic in downtown Toronto

790 Bay St. Suite 426     Tel 416 340-VACC (8222)

On February 1 2016 we moved to our new office at 790 Bay street suite 426


There is a country wide shortage of yellow fever vaccine which will last until next year

We can only give vaccine (when it is even available) to those at high risk of catching the disease.

NOT just to satisfy an entry requirement


Yellow fever vaccine gives you lifetime immunity and the international health regulations are changing to say you only need on in your lifetime

Travel Medicine Clinic

Wherever you are planning to travel, please visit the Travel Medicine Centre before you leave to make sure your required and recommended vaccinations are up to date. Our physician has over 25 years experience doing travel medicine fulltime.

Yellow fever is the only vaccine mandatory for travel to some countries. All other vaccines are only recommended (some more than others)

You seldom need all the vaccines listed for a country, we will explain your risks, how you avoid the diseases and you choose which vaccines are appropriate for your individual situation.

Check out our vaccine prices we do not have huge markups like some clinics


No injection or needle fees just the visit fee

**This is a Canadian Web site.  It's Content is intended only for resident in Canada.  Practices and recommendations in different countries may vary. 

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 Centre for Travel and Tropical Medicine

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Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea while you fill in your chart in the waiting room. 

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